Missouri Baptist University Athletics
MBU Spartans
2016-17 Master Schedule
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Day Time Sport   Opponent
Fri121:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Spartans
 Navy/White Game
Sat135:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Alumni
 Alumni Game
Wed171:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. St. Charles CC
Wed174:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ St. Charles CC
Fri195:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Southwestern Illinois College
Sat203:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Mount Mercy University
Sat207:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. College of the Ozarks
Mon221:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Maryville University-St. Louis
Thu252:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Clarke University
Thu252:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Florida National University
Thu254:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Johnson & Wales University
Fri262:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Indiana Institute of Technology
 St. Thomas Invitational
Fri264:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV vs. Rend Lake College
 2016 ECC Falcon Classic
Fri266:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Saint Thomas UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 St. Thomas Invitational
Fri268:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ Southwestern Illinois College
 2016 ECC Falcon Classic
Sat279:00 AMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ East Central College
 2016 ECC Falcon Classic
Sat2710:00 AMWomen's Volleyball @ XavierLive VideoLive Stats
 St. Thomas Invitational
Sat2711:00 AMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ St. Louis Community College
 2016 ECC Falcon Classic
Sat272:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Judson UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
Sat272:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ College of Coastal GeorgiaLive VideoLive Stats
 St. Thomas Invitational
Sat276:00 PMFootball @ Bethel UniversityHome MediaLive VideoLive Stats
Visitor MediaLive Audio
Mon295:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Marian University
Tue306:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ Lewis & Clark CC
Wed3111:00 AMMen's Soccer vs. University of Saint Francis
 MBU Invitational Tournament
Wed311:00 PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. University of Saint Francis
Wed316:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. St. Mary-of-the-Woods CollegeLive Stats
Thu16:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ Jefferson College
Fri2 Men's Cross CountryWashU Early Bird
Fri2 Women's Cross CountryWashU Early Bird
Fri211:05 AMWomen's Soccer vs. Brescia University
Fri21:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Our Lady of the Lake University
 Hampton Inn Cougar Invitational
Fri25:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Viterbo University
 Hampton Inn Cougar Invitational
Sat39:00 AMWomen's Volleyball @ Lourdes University
 Hampton Inn Cougar Invitational
Sat31:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ University of Saint Francis
 Hampton Inn Cougar Invitational
Sat32:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Benedictine College
Mon511:05 AMWomen's Soccer vs. Louisiana State University-Alexandria
Mon51:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Louisiana State University-Alexandria
 MBU Invitational Tournament
Tue67:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV vs. Millikin University
Wed74:00 PMMen's Soccer - JV @ Greenville College
Wed76:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ Mineral Area College
Fri91:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Maryville University-St. Louis
Fri96:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Quincy University
Fri97:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Grace University
Sat108:00 AMFall Women's TennisWebster University Tournament
Sat1012:00 PMFootball vs. Siena Heights UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 BLUE-OUT/Raising Cane's Day
Sat104:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Asbury University
Mon127:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV vs. Lewis & Clark CC
Tue131:00 PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. East Central College
Tue135:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ William Woods University
Tue136:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ Southwestern Illinois College
Tue137:00 PMMen's Soccer @ William Woods University
Wed147:30 PMMen's Soccer - JV @ Central Methodist University
Thu151:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Culver-Stockton College
Thu152:00 PMFall Men's Tennis @ Lindenwood University
Thu152:00 PMFall Women's Tennis @ Lindenwood University
Thu156:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Central Baptist College
Fri166:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Freed-Hardeman
Sat17 Men's Cross CountryMaryville University XC Open
Sat17 Women's Cross CountryMaryville University XC Open
Sat173:00 PMFootball vs. University of Saint FrancisLive VideoLive Stats
 MSFA Crossover
Mon191:00 PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. Greenville College
Mon197:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ McKendree University
Tue207:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Evangel University
Wed214:30 PMMen's Soccer - JV @ St. Louis Community College
Wed216:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Stephens College
Wed216:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ Morthland College
Fri237:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Lyon CollegeLive Stats
Sat2410:00 AMWomen's Volleyball vs. Williams Baptist CollegeLive Stats
Sat2412:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Columbia College
Sat241:00 PMFootball vs. Marian UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 Raising Cane's Day
Sat242:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Columbia College
Sat243:00 PMFall Women's Tennis @ Maryville University-St. Louis
Mon267:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Saint Louis College of PharmacyLive Stats
Tue274:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ Millikin University
Wed285:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV @ Lindenwood University-Belleville
Wed287:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Lindenwood University-BellevilleLive Stats
Thu2911:00 AMWomen's Soccer vs. Harris-Stowe State University
Thu291:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Harris-Stowe State University
Fri307:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Columbia CollegeLive Stats
 Raising Cane's Night
Sat1 Men's Cross CountrySIUE XC Challenge
Sat1 Women's Cross CountrySIUE XC Challenge
Sat1 Women's Soccer @ Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Sat112:00 PMFootball @ Taylor University
Sat19:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Mon31:00 PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. Southwestern Illinois College
Mon36:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV vs. Morthland College
Tue46:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Stephens CollegeLive Stats
Wed54:00 PMMen's Soccer - JV @ St. Charles CC
Thu67:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Lindsey WilsonLive Stats
 Spartan Invitational
Fri75:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. The Master's CollegeLive Stats
 Spartan Invitational
Sat8 Men's Cross CountryPrincipia Cowbell Classic
Sat8 Women's Cross CountryPrincipia Cowbell Classic
Sat810:00 AMWomen's Volleyball vs. Grand View UniversityLive Stats
 Spartan Invitational
Sat81:00 PMFootball @ Lindenwood University-Belleville
Sat84:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Williams Baptist College
Sat86:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Williams Baptist College
Tue1111:00 AMWomen's Soccer vs. Park University
 Raising Cane's Day
Tue111:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Park University
 Raising Cane's Day
Tue116:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ University of Missouri S&T
Wed126:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV vs. East Central CC
Thu137:00 PMWomen's Volleyball @ Harris-Stowe State UniversityLive Stats
Fri146:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Benedictine College
Sat15 Women's WrestlingLady Warrior Open
Sat151:00 PMFootball @ Olivet Nazarene University
 MSFA Crossover
Sat155:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Freed-Hardeman
Sat157:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Freed-Hardeman
Mon171:00 PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. Lewis & Clark CC
Tue1811:00 AMWomen's Soccer vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University
Tue181:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University
Tue187:00 PMWomen's Volleyball - JV vs. McKendree University
Fri21 Women's WrestlingDay 1 - Cliff Keen Women's Open
Fri212:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Vanguard UniversityLive Stats
Sat22 Men's Cross CountrySTLCOP Fall Classic
Sat22 Women's Cross CountrySTLCOP Fall Classic
Sat22 Women's WrestlingDay 2 - Cliff Keen Women's Open
Sat2211:00 AMWomen's Soccer @ Lyon College
Sat221:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Lyon College
Sat222:00 PMFootball vs. Saint Ambrose UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
Tue2511:00 AMWomen's Soccer vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
Tue251:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
Tue257:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. William Woods UniversityLive Stats
Thu277:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Park UniversityLive Stats
 Raising Cane's Night
Sat2911:00 AMFootball @ University of Saint Francis
Sat2912:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Central Baptist College
Sat291:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Navy
 Navy-White Series (Game 1)
Sat292:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Central Baptist College
 Senior Day
Tue15:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Central Christian College
Tue17:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityLive Stats
Wed27:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Central Methodist University
Thu37:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Culver-Stockton CollegeLive Stats
Fri4 Men's Cross CountryAMC Conference Meet
Fri4 Women's Cross CountryAMC Conference Meet
Fri4 Women's WrestlingDay 1 - NYAC Fila Tournament
Sat5 Men's Basketball @ Missouri State University
Sat5 Women's WrestlingMacMurray Highlanders Wrestling Tour
Sat5 Women's WrestlingDay 2 - NYAC Fila Tournament
Sat5 Women's Volleyball - JV @ TBA
 JV Championships
Sat5 Football @ Concordia University
Sat52:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Morthland CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
Tue87:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. TBALive Stats
 AMC Quarterfinals
Tue87:30 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ St. Louis CC-Forest Park
Wed97:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Gateway Sports Academy
Fri11 Women's WrestlingDay 1 - Patriot Duals
Fri117:00 PMWomen's Volleyball vs. TBALive Stats
 AMC Semifinals
Sat12 Women's WrestlingDay 2 - Patriot Duals
Sat1211:00 AMWomen's Volleyball vs. TBALive Stats
 AMC Finals
Sat122:00 PMFootball vs. Lyon CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
 BLUE OUT/Raising Cane's Day
Sat127:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Baptist Bible College
Mon147:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Southwestern Illinois College
Tue155:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. College of the OzarksLive VideoLive Stats
Tue157:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Lincoln Christian University
Wed16 Men's Cross CountryDay 1 - NAIA Cross Country National Championships
Wed16 Women's Cross CountryDay 1 - NAIA Cross Country National Championships
Wed167:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Washington University
Thu17 Men's Cross CountryDay 2 - NAIA Cross Country National Championships
Thu17 Women's Cross CountryDay 2 - NAIA Cross Country National Championships
Thu177:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Stephens CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
Fri18 Men's Cross CountryDay 3 - NAIA Cross Country National Championships
Fri18 Women's Cross CountryDay 3 - NAIA Cross Country National Championships
Fri18 Women's WrestlingDay 1 - Missouri Valley Open
Fri186:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Arkansas State- Mid-South
Sat19 Men's Cross CountryDay 4 - NAIA Cross Country National Championships
Sat19 Women's Cross CountryDay 4 - NAIA Cross Country National Championships
Sat19 Women's WrestlingDay 2 - Missouri Valley Open
Sat191:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Missouri S&T
Mon217:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Fontbonne University
Tue225:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Southwest Baptist University
Tue227:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Saint Ambrose University
Fri255:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Avila University
 Hampton Inn Thanksgiving Classic
Sat26 Women's Basketball @ Kentucky Wesleyan College
Sat261:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. William Penn University
 Hampton Inn Thanksgiving Classic
Tue297:30 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Lindenwood University-Belleville
Thu15:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ William Woods UniversityLive Video
Thu17:30 PMMen's Basketball @ William Woods University
Sat31:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lindenwood University-BellevilleLive VideoLive Stats
 Raising Cane's Day
Sat33:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
 Alumni Night, Raising Cane's Night
Mon57:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Saint Ambrose University
Mon57:30 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Webster University
Tue67:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Concordia Seminary-St. Louis
Thu87:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Morthland College
Fri97:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Fontbonne University
Sat101:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Navy
 Navy-White Series (Game 2)
Thu155:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lyon CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
Thu157:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Lyon College
Sat171:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Central Baptist CollegeLive Stats
Sat173:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Central Baptist College
Thu295:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Park UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
Thu297:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Park University
Sat311:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Columbia CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
Sat313:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Columbia College
Tue35:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityLive Stats
Tue37:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University
 STL Patriots Night
Thu5 Women's WrestlingDay 1 - WCWA National Duals
Thu55:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Saint Louis College of PharmacyLive Stats
Thu57:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Fri6 Women's WrestlingDay 2 - WCWA National Duals
Sat71:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Harris-Stowe State UniversityLive Stats
Sat73:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Harris-Stowe State University
Tue107:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
Wed117:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Mineral Area College
Thu125:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Williams Baptist CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
Thu127:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Williams Baptist College
 STL Blue Knights Night
Sat141:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Freed-HardemanLive VideoLive Stats
Sat143:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Freed-Hardeman
Tue175:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Tue177:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Central Methodist University
Tue177:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Thu195:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Stephens College
Thu197:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Greenville College
Fri207:00 PMSpirit SquadsSpartan Showcase
Fri207:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Navy
 Navy-White Series (Game 2)
Fri207:00 PMDanceSpartan Showcase
Sat2112:00 PMSpirit SquadsLindenwood-Belleville Classic
Sat2112:00 PMDanceLindenwood Belleville Classic
Mon237:30 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Washington University
Tue24 Men's Basketball - JV vs. Hannibal-LaGrange University
Thu265:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. William Woods UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 Raising Cane's Night
Thu267:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. William Woods University
 Coaches vs. Cancer Suits & Sneakers Game, Raising Cane's Night
Fri27 Women's WrestlingDay 1 - Bearcat Open
Sat28 Women's WrestlingDay 2 - Bearcat Open
Sat281:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Lindenwood University-Belleville
Sat283:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Lindenwood University-Belleville
Mon307:30 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Hannibal-LaGrange University
Tue317:00 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Concordia Seminary-St. Louis
Thu25:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Lyon CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
Thu27:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Lyon College
Thu27:30 PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Greenville College
Sat41:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Central Baptist College
Sat43:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Central Baptist College
Sun5 Spirit SquadsAquinas College Saints Showdown
Sun5 DanceAquinas College Saints Showdown
Thu95:30 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Park UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
Thu97:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Park University
Fri10 Women's WrestlingDay 1 - WCWA College Women's Nationals
Sat11 Women's WrestlingDay 2 - WCWA College Women's Nationals
Sat111:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Columbia CollegeHome MediaLive VideoLive Stats
Visitor MediaLive Audio
 Senior Day, Raising Cane's Day
Sat113:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Columbia College
 Senior Day, Raising Cane's Day
Tue145:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityLive Stats
Tue147:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Hannibal-LaGrange University
Sat181:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Harris-Stowe State UniversityLive Stats
Sat183:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Harris-Stowe State University
Thu235:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Williams Baptist CollegeLive Stats
Thu237:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Williams Baptist College
Sat251:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Freed-HardemanLive VideoLive Stats
Sat253:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Freed-Hardeman
Thu2 Men's Basketball vs. TBA
 AMC Tournament
Tue14 Men's Tennis @ Southeastern University
Tue14 Women's Tennis @ Southeastern University
Wed223:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. McKendree University
Wed223:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. McKendree University
Fri31 Men's Tennis @ Missouri Valley College
Fri31 Women's Tennis @ Missouri Valley College
Wed5 Spirit SquadsDay 1 - NCA National Competition
Wed5 DanceDay 1 - NDA National Competition
Fri7 Men's Tennis vs. Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Fri7 Women's Tennis vs. Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
Tue18 Men's Tennis vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
Tue18 Women's Tennis vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
Thu20 Men's Tennis vs. William Woods University
Thu20 Women's Tennis vs. William Woods University