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ESports - Thu, Feb. 16, 2017

ST. LOUIS – In the last match of University League of Legends' (uLoL) Group Stage, Missouri Baptist University dropped a must-win match against University of Kentucky 2-0, signaling the end of the season for the Spartans.

In the first game of the best of three match, the Spartans got off to a rocky start. The bot lane was ganked by the enemy jungler at only three and a half minutes into the game, which gave up first blood to the enemy team. Just minutes later, the enemy jungler visited mid lane, but was unsuccessful this time around.

Spartan jungler Ian "Naiyar" Clark was able to capitalize off the failed gank by following the enemy jungler into his jungle and catching him off guard. Clark secured a kill and the enemy blue buff.

The lead went back and forth as both teams were trading kills and objectives. Finally, the Wildcats were able to make a game-changing play at 22 minutes by catching the Spartans off-guard in the bot lane and securing four kills.

With the advantage, the Wildcats were able to go straight to baron and take it. With this baron and their empowered minions, the Wildcats were able to take a dragon, two turrets, and an inhibitor. The Spartans were able to defend and stall the Kentucky siege.

The Wildcats were forced to back away and wait for the next baron to spawn. After a couple more team fights, the Wildcats were able to secure another dragon and secure the victory at the 39-minute mark.

Game two started out a little slower than game one. First blood went over to the Spartans just before the eight-minute mark, however, the Wildcats were able to pick up two quick kills shortly after gaining a slight gold advantage. A minute later, Ian Clark was able to close the gold lead with a successful gank bot lane giving a kill over to Missouri Baptist's ADC, Jeff Hamm.

The game stalled out until the 20-minute mark, with just a few kills going to both teams. The Spartans were able to secure the first-blood tower, giving the team extra gold, as well as getting the games first dragon, which allows Missouri Baptist to do more damage to objectives.

Just like game one, the gold lead and trading of kills and objectives went back and forth. The Wildcats were able to gain a sufficient gold lead just after the 24-minute mark from an unfortunate misplay in the mid lane. With the outcome looking grim, the Spartans were forced to make a call for baron. They were able to secure it, but dropped three of the five people in the process.

With the baron, the Spartans were able to secure a tower and a dragon. At 35 minutes, The Wildcats made a play for the next baron, and with the quick action of Jeremy "jgzoom" Gang, he was able to sacrifice himself to prevent them from taking the objective, forcing them to back away with low health. Just a few moments later, UK decided to make a play on the Elder dragon.

Ian Clark was able to repel over the wall and steal the Elder dragon, which ultimately lead to a 3-2 kill trade in favor of the Spartans. With death timers high and extra damage, the Spartans were able to run up mid and secure two towers. While trying to recall back to base to prevent the enemy top laner from back-dooring, UK were able to catch the Spartans in the river snagging a few kills. From there, the Wildcats were able to secure baron and a few fights later were able to close out the match just before the 45-minute mark.

With this loss, the Spartans' uLoL season is over and Robert Morris University and University of Kentucky advance from the group stage.

To watch the game, you can visit the YouTube link below.


Game 1 starts at 23:00

Game 2 starts at 1:18:02

The Spartans plan to compete in three other leagues this year: Compete League, Midwest Campus Clash, and the Inaugural NAIA National Invitational.